Functionality of the online help - So I find, what I need

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It sometimes happens, that information is documented in the online help, but cannot be found with the search functionality.
So you here find a short introduction, how you can successfully search and most of all FIND information in our online help.

As a default help starts in the property page Contents. Here you will find the entire documentation (online manual, tutorials, driver documentation and videos) in a tree structure.

The property page Search allows searching for certain terms by entering them in the search field.

Searching for words and phrases:

Single word

e.g. alarm
Chapters containing the word "alarm" are listed.
The grammatical variations of this word are also searched for.


e.g. "alarm administration"
Chapters are searched for the complete phrase "alarm administration".
Without quotation marks chapters containing both words alarm AND administration (but not necessarily together) would be found.


e.g. alarm*
Chapters are searched for words starting with "alarm".
The asterisk (*) can also be in front of the word to be searched for (e.g. *alarm)


Both words in the same chapterl.
e.g. alarm AND CEL
Chapters containing both words are listed.

At least one of the word in the chapter.
e.g. alarm OR CEL
Chapters containing either the word "alarm" or the word "CEL" or both are listed.

Only one of the word in the chapter.
e.g. alarm NOT CEL
Chapters containing the word "alarm" but not the word "CEL" are listed.

Both word in the same chapter, near to each other
e.g. alarm NEAR CEL
Chapters containing both words "alarm" and "CEL" in a maximal distance of eight words.

You can save your favourite help chapters in the property page Favourites. Simply switch to the desired chapter in the property page Contents or find it with Search (doubleclick it) and then switch to the property page Favorites. The selected help chapter will now be proposed under Current topic and can be added to the favorites.