Error numbers

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Error code



Common ARTI error.


The type of protocol is not supported.


The communication channel is not valid or open.


A channel with the specified parameters is already open.


The wrong type of message was received.


There was not any message received.


There was not enough data for this message type received.


There is too much data in the send queue.


There is too much data in the receive queue.


Only in the synchronous mode if last service has not finished yet.


Common communication error in the system –dependent level.


There wasn't such a file on the target or it could not be opened.


The file data doesn't fit completely in the provided buffer.


A strictly necessary function parameter is NULL or invalid.


The maximum number of open channels is exceeded.


There is no SDD assigned to the channel.


There is no type table assigned to the SDD.


The end of symbol table is reached.


There is no symbol with that name found in the SDD.


The data stream for reading the variables is bigger than the target's buffer.


The data stream for writing the variables in the VarList is bigger than the target's buffer.


Another VarList is still active with reading / writing its values.


Writing various VarList blocks is not supported.


The variable's swap size doesn't fit with the number of bytes to be written


Error in parsing the symbol file.


There is a new project on the runtime system so symbols data have changed.


Error in sorting the symbol file.


There is no project downloaded to the runtime system.