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Additional software

Supported connections.

At the moment, the connection types TCP/IP Level 2 and Level 4 Routing are supported (definition in the driver configuration).

Software installation - PC

Copy the driver file 3S_ARTI_NG.EXE to the current zenon directory (unless it is already there).

The driver needs the files ArtiClient.dll and SymArtiClient.dll. These DLLs should be installed along with the CoDeSys software (not provided by COPA-DATA - must be purchased separately).

info Info

The version of the files ArtiClient.dll and SymArtiClient.dll must be or higher.

Software installation - CE

Under CE, the driver 3S_ARTI_NG.DLL will automatically be copied to the CE device by the Editor via Remote Transport. The DLLs ArtiClient.dll and SymArtiClient.dll are also needed on the CE device. But there are own DLLs for Windows CE! At the moment, there are DLLs for X86 and StrongArm processors. Also these DLLs should be obtained from 3S. On the CE device these files have to be copied to the Runtime directory. (This is also where the files zenon.ini and zenonrce.exe are stored).

Under Windows CE it is not possible to use several drivers of the same type.