Online import

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How does it work?

Via the online import, you can read variables from a PLC or import them from an *.SYM_XML file.



Load variables from "*.SYM_XML" symbols file

Read variables from an XML symbol file.

Browse variables via ARTI

Read variables from a PLC.

Import from a symbol file

For XML importing, select a station (Net address) and the according symbol file. The stations that can be selected were created in the driver configuration before.




The station that you want to create a variable for.

3S symbol file

Path of the XML symbol file

Import via ARTI

When importing via the ARTI interface, select the station that you want to connect to. You must have configured the station in the driver configuration before that.



Select a station to browse

The station that you want to read a variable from.

Preselection of the variables

You can make a preselection in order to limit the list of import variables. The primary filter criteria are "symbol name" and "symbol type". Additionally, you can choose to display only variables that do not exist already in the selection dialog (this will work only if the variable names were not changed after importing them in zenon ).




Filter expression for the symbol name. You can use wild cards here.


Filter expression for the symbol type. You can use wild cards here.

Import only new symbols

Only new symbols will be displayed for selection.

This feature works only if the zenOn variable name was not changed after importing!

Take care of upper and lower cases when filtering by names and types.

Selection dialog

After reading the symbols, you can import a selection as zenon variables.




The selected symbols will be created as zenOn variables.


Cancel the import.


Add the selected symbols to the selection list.


Remove the selected symbols from the selection list.

Variable mapping in zenon

The variable name is preceded by the net addres (station addres) and ".." as the separator. The symbol name is the same name as the one used in the PLC program.