The interface

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The control CD_SliderCtrl has the following dispatch interface:

[ uuid(5CD1B01D-015E-11D4-A1DF-080009FD837F),

  helpstring(Dispatch interface for CD_SliderCtrl Control), hidden


dispinterface _DCD_SliderCtrl


properties: //*** Properties of the controls

[id(1)] short TickRaster;

[id(2)] boolean ShowVertical;

[id(3)] short LineSize;


methods: //*** Methods of the control (for zenOn ActiveX)

[id(4)] boolean zenOnInit(IDispatch* pElementInterface);

[id(5)] boolean zenOnExit();

[id(6)] short VariableTypes();

[id(7)] short CanUseVariables();

[id(8)] short MaxVariables();


[id(DISPID_ABOUTBOX)] void AboutBox();