Driver dialog Allen settings

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User-defined data files have to be stated in the driver seperately. In the driver configuration switch to the property page Allen-Settings and click on New. Enter the number and the type of the data file and confirm with OK. The defined link is added to the list.

Changes in a link are done by selecting the link and then pressing the button Properties. Remove data files that you no longer need from the list by clicking Delete


Within this time, the PLC must answer to a request; otherwise, the query will be terminated with a communication error.

Offset considers data type

If this checkbox is activated, the offsets of the data points have to be configured according to the data type size. The advantage of this is that the reading of the data points is optimized, which results in a higher data transmission rate.

If this option is deactivated, every data point will have its own offset.


The configuration of the data files will be stored under the file name specified here. If using a CE driver, this file also has to be on the CE device.