Saving the basic archive

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On the fourth page of this dialogbox we define, how the archive files should be saved.


Thereby we get seperate files for every two minutes. As we set the scan cycle to ten seconds, we will get twelve values of each linked variable in one archive file.


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Generally speaking this setting has hardly any effect, if you only work with basic archives. You always access archive data with filters (e.g. time filters) and zenon automatically takes care that the correct files are opened.

But already here your define the scan rate for a following archive!



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zenon writes the archives in a ring buffer, which we define here. This should guarantee that we have no data overflow on the harddisk. If you export or evacuate (i.e. before they are deleted, they are automatically exported as dBase or text files) archives, you have to care for the space on the harddisk on your own.