Driver dialog BACnet settings

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Who-Is cycle [s]

Cycle time for sending the "Who-Is" service

Time synchronization cycle [min]

Cycle time for time synchronization [min], default=0 (no synchronization)

Command output time [ms]

Command output time for sending strategy 1 (single command) [ms]

Number of retries

max. number for sending out the "Who-Has" service per object


Configuration of the UDP port in the decimal format. (Default for BACNet: 47808)

Separator for property names


Number of simultaneous queries

Maximum number of simultaneous COV subscription packets. Used for BACNet devices that can only buffer and process a certain number of packets.

COV lifetime [sec]

After this time, registered COV subscriptions will become invalid and will then be requested from the driver again (see BACnet standard).

Write priority

Defines the write priority for variables. (see BACnet standard). The lower the value, the higher the priority
ATTENTION: Values under "8" are often used by the PLC itself and should therefore be used with caution.

Read delay [ms]

Configurable delay between 2 polling queries. This is required for devices with performance problems.