Driver dialog HW settings

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Number of the CIF communication card (board number). In CE, that will be 0 most of the time.

Own MPI address

MPI address of the CIF card in the MPI net. Here you can also change the MPI address of the card. Please make sure that the MPI address is not already taken in the MPI network. Every MPI station must have a unique number.

MPI Baudrate

Speef factor of the communication; must be set at the card with the included software.


Timeout in milliseconds for the internal communication with the PLC

S7 String with header

Method of saving a String variable in the PLC

Target address

TCP/IP address of the communicating NetLink adapter


For older hardware versions, only data blocks can be read out from the connected PLC. Markers, timers/counters, inputs/outputs etc. are not supported.

info Info

These limitations do not apply for NetLink adapters and communication cards with firmware V1.061 and higher. Possible PLC areas are: data blocks, markers, inputs/outputs, timers and counters.