Execute command

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In order to execute a command, activate the context menu for the element of the variable SW_Switch1_RM.

You can see that the menu entry with the name ID_CMD_AUTO was replaced with the actions which are defined by the element of the command interlocking of the variable (if the term "command interlocking" is used in the following, it is always defined by this dependency).


Now select Command: on .


The system now automatically switches to the picture defined in the command interlocking.

If you look at the picture you will notice that some of the controls that are visible in the Editor are now missing.



Action 2

There is no action assigned to the action button in the command interlocking. Action buttons without action are hidden.


The picture is not modal.


We are not in level 1.


No interlocking condition active.


If the button Execute 2 is clicked, the command execution is performed. This can be told from the fact that the command and response variable change to 1 and then immediately back to 0.

As the action was not configured to close the picture after execution, the picture changes back to step 1, where commands can be activated again.

With the action button 1, the associated action Command: on can be executed again.