Driver-specific functions

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This driver supports the following functions:

Error file

The driver supports central logging in the LogServer.

Extended error file

The driver does not support extended logging.

Serial logging

In order to activate this option a section RS232LOG has to be added to the project.ini. Here

the entry LOGCOMx=0 or 1 has to be set. X has to be replaced by the number of the desired interface. With o

0 switches logging off, 1 switches logging on.

If logging is switched on, a file LOG_COMxxx.TXT is generated in the directory of the driver. X is

replaced by the number of the defined interface.




Activates logging for COM1.

We recommend activating logging only for a short time, when problems occur. Active logging needs considerable computer performance. Additionally the log file needs a lot of memory within short time.


The driver does not support blockwrite.




The driver does not support RDA.

Real time stamping



Is not supported by the driver.


The driver requests the variables cyclically every 60 minutes


The driver is spontaneous, only value changes are transmitted, except for a cyclic total update every 60 minutes.

Number of PLCs

One driver can connect to any number of PLCs.