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This group contains driver variables, which display the current configuration resp. allow to change the configuration.


1, if the modem is active for the driver


Name of the modem. In the Runtime another modem can be entered. But you have to care, that you enter a defined TAPI modem. A changes setting has to be activated with ApplyModem.


If 1, the modem is automatically reconnected for reading Reading here means reading from the interface. If Autoconnect is active, this setting is not regarded.


Current telephone number If the current telephone number is empty, there will never be an outgoing connection establishment, no matter what the settings for Autoconnect or ReconnectInRead are. The telephone number is deleted on an incoming, accepted call.


Hardware address of current telephone number Only variables with the bus address set here are read. On an incoming, accepted call this value is set to -2, until the calling station identifies itself. After the identification the bus address of the calling station is displayed. A value -1 defines, that there should be a communication with all bus addresses of this connection.


1, if the modem connection should be established automatically for reading/writing Reading/writing here means the interface.

If the connection breaks, with value 1 the station is again dialed with the number entered in PhoneNumber. The bus address goes to disturbed, if the new dialing fails. As long as Autoconnect is 1 and PhoneNumber contains a number, the connection establishment is tried.


Modem is disconnected, if no data are received for this time (in ms) The Control Panel/Modems has a similar setting, which however only checks, if any data are transferred via the modem.


Max time for writing for a modem connection


Telephone number, to which a connection should be tried with the next ApplyModem. If the telephone number is empty, no new connection is established.


Hardware address belonging to PhoneNumberSet.


If the value 1 is written, the current contents of the driver variables Device, PhonenumberSet and ModemHWAdrSet is assigned. A currently active connection is disconnected in any case.


Number of rings to be waited, before the call is accepted. Whether incoming calls are accepted, always depends on the driver. Not all drivers support incoming calls. Refer to the driver documentation for details.


Waiting time between calls


Time for establishing connection The connection has to be established within this time, otherweise the attempt is cancelled as unsuccessful.