Numerical value

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Now the dialog for the variable selection opens.


info Info

If the variable selection does not open automatically, perform the following actions:

  • Open the menu Option.
  • Select the command Settings.


The following dialog opens:

  • Activate the option Input properties after creating objects in the group Element editing and then press the button OK.

You can also open the dialog with a doubleclick on the element.


In order to change the size of a dynamic element you click on one of ist markers (the cursor is a double arrow, you hold the left mouse button pressed down and by moving the mouse change the size of the element.

In order to move a dynamic element, click on it (the cursor is an arrow cross), hold the left mouse button pressed down and drag the element to its new position.


Example Example

Now create further numerical value elements for the variables Temp[1.2], Temp[2.1] and Temp[2.2].


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The simplest way to do this is as follows:

Select the element and copy it with Ctrl-C to the clipboard, then paste it three times with Ctrl-V. Now you can drag the desired variables on the elements with the mouse.