Starting the Runtime

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The Runtime can be started in three ways:

By clicking on the button Start Runtime.

In the start menu in the folder Programs/COPA-DATA/zenOn620 with the entry zenOn Runtime.

With the key F5 from the Editor.


After the Runtime is started, two pictures are loaded:

First the picture Start Pic (because it was automatically entered in the configuration as the Start picture) and the picture BB_START (because it is opened via the Start function of the picture Start Pic).


Now we will have a look at how to find your way in an existing Runtime project.

If you keep the mouse button pressed long enough the name of the picture appears at the position of the mouse pointer.

On the left side above the element, the name of the linked variable will now be displayed.

The standard dialog for settings values opens and allows you to change the value of this variable.

With the buttons Start Pic and Hall 1 in the button bar you can switch between the two process pictures.

The driver is set to the counting simulation mode and the bar of the bar graph is moving.