Creating a new simple data type

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With Finish the datatype is created and now is available in the list of datatypes.

In the property window, the properties of the data type Temperature sensor are now displayed and we can make all the necessary changes.

Value range PLC

digital value from the temperature sensor, in this case 16 bit resolution in the PLC

Value adjustment linear

analog value from temperature sensort, according to our setting, this corresponds to Min. 0,00 ºC / Max. 655,35 ºC in the project.

We now will define limits for the datatype Temperature sensor.

A new section with the name Limit[1] is created.


Example Example

Create three more limits for the datatype Temperature sensor:
Limit 2: 100; MIN; dark blue; no alarm
Limit 3: 400; MAX; dark red; no alarm
Limit 4: 500; MAX; light red; alarm