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To communicate with a data source (PLC field bus, etc.) it is necessary to connect to a driver. Depending on the needs of the project, the necessary drivers (depending on the PLC) and their process variables have to be created.

The driver selection dialog opens now.


Now the dialog for the configuration of the driver opens.

In the mode Hardware, zenon would immediately try to connect to the PLC when the Runtime is started. As we do not have a PLC at the moment, zenon would show errors for all values if we chose the Hardware mode.

By setting this, we can assign one of four different update times to every single variable during the definition of variables. These four update times can be set in the lower part of this dialog, under Priority

All other tabs of this dialog are driver-specific, i.e. different according to the chosen driver. As we do not have a PLC at the moment, we do not have to regard these settings in this example.