Creating a new simple variable

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The dialog for creating variables opens now.

With these settings, you would create a single variable. For creating multiple variables of the same type, some changes in the Array Settings are necessary.

The variables now are added to the variable list in the detail view of the project manager. All properties of our datatype Temperature sensor are pre-defined in the variables. The properties of the selected variable can be checked and changed in the properties window.

As we changed the array dimensions, not only one but four variables have been created. With our settings, these variables automatically get their addresses, i.e. we only have to define a start offset. zenon calculates the remaining addresses automatically.

This results in the following addresses:


Offset 11


Offset 13


Offset 15


Offset 17

The property last used offset accordingly reads: 18/7 (Offset 18 / Bit 7).


The variable list in the detail view of the project manager now should have the following entries.


info Info

Always use logical names for the process variables in order to keep a better overview.