Driver dialog HMI32 settings

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MPI address of the adapter. It must be unique across the whole MPI net.

Block size

Maximum number of bytes that will be during a request at inputs and outputs.

String mapping

If activated, the zenon type String will be mapped as S7 type STRING in the PLC.

Offset + 0 is the maximum size

Offset + 1 is the current size of the String.

Offset + 2 first character of the text.

Offset + n more characters of the text.

If this option is activated, Strings in zenon may have a maximum length of 61 characters. Otherwise they will be truncated.

If it is deactivated, the Strings will be handled as Char arrays.

Adapter version

If the employed adapter is of version 5, this option must be activated. If it is activated, the field for entering the target address will be unlocked.

Helmholz command extension

Helmholz adapters have an extended command set, which provides for an accelerated communication to multiple MPI addresses.


Highest available MPI address in the net.

Target addresses

If the adapter is of version 5, you can enter up to 4 MPI addresses here that you want to communicate with. Use the semicolon (;) to separate the addresses.

MPI Baudrate

Transmission speed of the MPI net.