Driver dialog connecions

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Here you can define the connections (devices and sectors)


A connection consists of a physical connection (OSI layer 1 and 2) of the device and several sectors (OSI layer 7) within the device. Every device is identified by the "net address" on the Runtime side and by the "link address" or "IP address" on the protocol side.

Choose the device-specific connection settings and a unique net address ("IP address" and "Port" for 104, "Link address size" and "Link address" for 101.)

Under "IP address (redundant)" you can set a secondary IP address, which will be used in case the primary IP cannot be reached. Switching between these two connection happens automatically.


Every device can contain several sectors. A sector is identified by a "common address" (COA) on the protocol side. Every sector is a structural element by definition and can contain several data points. The sectors must be defined for special commands (e.g. "general interrogation") in the driver configuration.

All sectors configured in the driver dialog (COAs) must (!) be present in the PLC!