Driver dialog connections

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Connection file

Enter the name of the configuration file here. This file is required for the definition of the driver connection.

Disturbance DataDirectory

Specify the directory on the Runtime computer, in which you want to store files with transferred Disturbance Data.


In this list, you can store any number of configurations for PLCs on different hardware addresses.

Connection list

Displays the connection names with the corresponding Net addresses. Selec the connection name with the mouse to display the connection parameters on the right side.


Create new connection. Enter connection parameters and close with "Save".


Delete existing connection.


Edit existing connection. Change connection parameters and close with "Save".

Net address

Matches the Net address in the variable definition; can be any number from 0 to 255.

Connection name

Freely definable name of the connectoin, e.g. the label of the PLC

Serial, TCP/IP

Choose between serial connection or connection via TCP/IP

Remote IP address

IP-Address of PLC

Link address

Link address of the PLC (of the IEC60870-103 slave).
Every device is identified by the Net address on the Runtime side and by the Link address on the IEC60870-103 protocol side.

Section Nr.

Section of the PLC (the IEC60870-103 Slave).
An IEC60870-103 device can contain multiple sectors.


The General Interrogation interval in milliseconds.
The driver sends out GIs cyclically, according to this setting.

It is recommended to configure a time of more than 15 minutes (900 000 ms).


Save connection settings.


Leave configuration without saving

Create new connection

With empty connection list: Enter connection parameters. Press button "Save".

With existing connections: Press button "New". Enter connection parameters. Press button "Save".

Show connection parameters

Select the desired connection in the connection list with the mouse.

Copy connection

Select the desired connection in the connection list with the mouse. Change net address and connection parameters. Press button "Save".

Edit connection

Select the connection you wish to change in the connection list and press the button "Edit". Perform changes and close with "Save".