Project settings - Compiler

This box enables you to select the advanced compiling options for building the runtime application.


The following options are available

- Enable FBD line coloring during debug
- Display warning messages (uncheck this option to remove all warning reports during build)
- Enable large jump instructions (*)
- Embed all symbols with the downloaded application code
- Keep the case of embedded symbols (if not checked, all embedded symbols are turned uppercase)
- Check SFC chart safety
- Check array bounds at runtime
- Remove the code of unreferenced sub-programs and UDFBs (**)
- Check IEC conformity (***)
- Allocate status bits for variables with embedded properties

(*) For very large programs, jump instructions (e.g. for IF and loops ST instructions) may lead to compiling errors because the target of the jump is too far. In that case you need to check this option. Warning: this options is not supported by runtime systems older than version V2.20.

(**) If you check this option, the code of unused sub-programs and UDFBs is not included in the compiled code. This enables you to reduce the size of the downloaded code. Note that such sub-programs and UDFBs still exist in the code and their variables are defined, so that possible later On Line Change remains possible.

(***) If you check this option, some warning messages will be output each time you use in your programs some specific functions or function blocks that are not defined in the IEC standard. This only appy to embedded blocks and not to UDFBs written in IEC language.

Runtime password

Optionally you can define a password for the target application. If the password is defined in the compiling option, the user will be prompt for entering the password each time a remote connection is established to the target. The password is a number. If the password is "0", it means that no password is defined.

Other options

Other non documented options may be entered in this box. You normally don't have to change these options unless you're asked by your technical support.