/   DIV

Operator - Performs a division of inputs.


IN1 : ANY_NUM  First input
IN2 : ANY_NUM  Second input


Q : ANY_NUM    Result: IN1 / IN2


All inputs and the output must have the same type. In LD language, the input rung (EN) enables the operation, and the output rung keeps the same value as the input rung. In IL language, the DIV instruction performs a division between the current result and the operand. The current result and the operand must have the same type.

ST Language

Q := IN1 / IN2;

FBD Language

DivFbd.gif (1231 octets)

LD Language

(* The division is executed only if EN is TRUE *)
(* ENO is equal to EN *)
DivLd.gif (1485 octets)

IL Language:

Op1: LD  IN1
     DIV IN2
     ST  Q    (* Q is equal to: IN1 / IN2 *)
Op2: LD  IN1
     DIV IN2
     DIV IN3
     ST  Q    (* Q is equal to: IN1 / IN2 / IN3 *)

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