Selecting FBD variables and instances

Press this button or press ESCAPE before any selection.

To select the name of the declared variable to be attached to a graphic symbol, you must be in “Selection” mode. Simply double click on the tag name gray area. The following types of object must be linked to valid symbols:

Block: If it is a function block, you must specify the name of a valid declared instance of the corresponding type.
Variable: Must be attached to a declared variable. Alternatively, a variable box may contain the text of a valid constant expression.
Label: Must have a name. The name must be unique within the diagram.

Jump: must have the same name as its destination label.

Contact: Must be attached to a declared Boolean variable.
Coil: Must be attached to a declared Boolean variable.

Symbols of variables and instances are selected using the variable list, that can be used as the variable editor. You can simply enter a symbol or constant expression in the edit box and press OK. You also can select a name in the list of declared object, or declare a new variable by pressing the “Create” button.

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