ASiDemo sample project

This sample demonstrates the use of AS-interface I/Os in an application. It combines:

- a simple AS-i configuration with one master and two slaves
- a simple ST program that drives the outputs of slave #1

Important links:
AS-interface configuration tool
   - Using the variable editor

The AS-i master is configurated for a Bihl+Wiedemann PCI board. The following slaves are configurated:

- 4 I/Os on at address #1 (profile 7.0.F.E)
- 4 inputs on at address #2 (profile 0.0.F.E)

In this sample, the AS-i configuration is applied to the master controler when the application starts. If you want to simply work on the existing master configuration, change this option by double clicking on the main item of the tree.

If you have a Bihl+Wiedemann PCI AS-i master installed on your PC, then you can fully test actual AS-i equipments using the simulator.

Two variables have been mapped to master diagnostic flags for checking the main "configuration OK" flag and AS-i power fail detection. Other diagnostic variables are mapped to main status flags of the configurated slaves.