FBDDemo sample project

This sample demonstrates the use of programming with FBD language.

Important links:
   - FBD language
   - Using the FBD editor

   - BLINK function block
   - SEL and ANY_TO_TIME functions

The FBD program "PControl" generates a blinking signal. Use the following commands:

bCommand (BOOL) : this variable enables the program
tPerio (DINT) : period of the blinking signal in "slow" mode in milliseconds
bFast (BOOL) : the output blinks twice faster when this variable is TRUE

The blinking signal is output in the bOut boolean variable.

The "SEL" function is used to perform the selection between slow and fast blinking. As this function manages DINT variables, its output is converter using the ANY_TO_TIME function for producing the period input of the BLINK function block.