Function Block Diagram (FBD) Editor

The FBD editor is a powerful graphical tool that enables you to enter and manages Function Block Diagrams according to the IEC 61131-3 standard. The editor supports advanced graphic features such as drag and drop, object resizing and connection lines routing features, so that you can rapidly and freely arrange the elements of your diagram. It also enables you to insert in a FBD diagram graphic elements of the LD (Ladder Diagram) language such as contacts and coils.


FBD diagram components:
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Using the FBD toolbar
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Viewing the diagram
Moving or copying parts of the diagram
Inserting an object on a line
Resizing objects
LD components:
"OR" vertical rail
Power rails
Note: When a contact or a coil is selected, You can press the SPACE bar to change its type (normal, negated, pulse...).