Variable data type and dimension

To change the type and dimension of the variable, enable the modification mode in the grid and move the cursor to the appropriate cell and press ENTER.

Each variable must have a valid data type. It can be either a basic data type or a type of function block or UDFB. Changing the data type of an I/O variable is restricted by the physical implementation of the I/O devive.

If the selected data type is STRING, you must specify a maximum length, that cannot exceed 255 characters.

Additionally, you can specify dimension(s) for an internal variable, in order to declare an array. Arrays have at most 3 dimensions. All indexes are 0 based. For instance, in case of single dimension array, the first element is always identified by ArrayName[0]. The total number of items in an array (merging all dimensions) cannot exceed 65535.

Using the variable editor, you must enter integer dimensions separated by comas. For instance: