The Watch window

In addition to programs, the Workbench enables you to create monitoring files for testing your applications. There are three styles of documents:

- Watch list: a list of variables
- Recipe: a recipe is a list of variables completed with one or more predefined sets of values
- Graphic layouts with animated objects

Lists, recipes and graphics are managed and open from the "workspace" area on the left of the Workbench window, when the "Watch" tab is selected. Use the "Insert" commands of the right click popup menu to create a document. Then double click on it in the workspace to open it.

Managing lists:

To insert a variable, use the "Insert Variable" popup menu command. Alternatively, you can drag variables from program editors or from the variable editor to the Watch window to insert them in the list.

Commands of the local toolbar allows you to modify or arrange the contents of the list. Use the "Move" commands to change the order of variables in the list. Lists can be created and edited in both off line and on line modes.

Forcing a variable:

At run time, double click on the value of the variable in the list or press ENTER key when it is selected. A small box appears and allows you to force / control the selected variable.

Dumping values:

At run time, the value of a variable is displayed in text format in the "Value" column. You can place the mouse cursor on the value to display it in hexadecimal format. This feature is very useful when you spy strings with a large length or including non printable characters.


Use the "File / New / Recipe" menu command to create a recipe. In addition to the list of variables and their values, extra columns can be added in the list for defining sets of values. To enter a value in a set, you just need to select the corresponding cell and enter the value. Some values may be missing in a set. Commands of the local toolbar enable you to create, rename or delete columns. The "Send Recipe" button is used for applying all the values of the selected set to the variables of the list.

Important notes:

- All values are sent at a time to the target system. This ensures that all variables are forced at the same time before the next target cycle.

- Sending a recipe to the target requires special protocol. If the target is T5 runtime 1.21 or older, the request will be denied by the target system.