Translating system messages

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There are pre-defined keywords for all texts, that are used in the Runtime as defaults.


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For an individual translation of the pre-defined keywords:

You will find an Excel file with the pre-defined keywords on the installation CE of the control system under Predefined/CEL keywords.



The principle of keyword translation

The table works with the principle of keywords, which are assigned to the according translations. These keywords are always indicated with a "@".


Here it is true:


The whole text will be translated.


This text will not be translated.


The text between the two "@" will be translated.

Here it is true: After an odd number of "@" the text will be translated (start to count at the beginning of the entry):

the text between the first and the second "@" is translated, the text between the second and the third "@" not!


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A sequence of text elements that should be translated and such that should not be translated is possible. @The user@ Miller @is logged out.


Text1 and text3 will be translated, text2 not.


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For the entries in the language table the following is true: for each "@" a package is generated and these packages have to entered in the language table as single entries. Thus one entry per "@"!

@The user@ Miller @is logged out.

Two entries have to be added to the language table: @The user@ Miller @is logged out.


The new keyword also can be entered directly in the language table. Here it is true: In the language table the keywords are entered without "@" resp. the "@" is automatically removed.

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For the language table the following is true: The pre-defined keyword is generated by the program and depends on the selected language of the Runtime. The language of the Runtime is set in the Editor or in the zenOn6.ini under LANGUAGE=.

e.g.: In an English Runtime English keywords are used.

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The button captions in the dialogs (e.g. OK, Cancel) depend on the settings of the operating system.