Online import

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Variable browsing from the ControlLogix PLC:

Select 'Import variables online' in the context menu of the driver

Select controller.

Select a controller variable (tag); the instances will then be created automatically.

Select the controller variables and move them to the zenon Create variables list with „>".

You can remove already selected variables with „<" .

Close the box with "OK". Now, the variables in the zenon variable list will be created.

Variable export to *.csv file

For zenon 5.50, the driver of version Logix32.exe "" and above and Logix32V.dll "" and above received an option to export variables of a controller tag in the browser dialog to a *.csv file.

The dialog contains two new elements: the „Show all tags" checkbox and the file button.

Show all tags:

With this option, all items of a controller tag will be displayed, even the ones that have already been included in zenon.

This button opens the "Save as" dialog, which allows you to specify the location for storing the *.csv file. After confirming the "Save as" dialog, the file will be stored - with all items of the controller tag, even the ones that are not displayed.

File structure:

The file starts with a HEADER that contains the time and the driver revision.

Then, the items follow, according to the following structure:

variable name;data type;current value

'DATETIME: 12.07.04 08:53:30