Assign variables

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Source variables for formula input are displayed in the field Variable definition .

To add a new variable, change an existing variable or to delete a variable, open the variable selection:

  1. Click on the button Variables


    double-click on the last consecutive number with a question sign as the definition set in the field Variable definition

  2. the dialog for selecting variables will be opened
  3. Add new variables or delete existing ones from the list



Project tree

Definition of the project from which variables should be selected.

Selection window

Selection of the variables:

  • Double click
  • Drag&Drop
  • Select and click on Add

Variable list

Lists all selected variables.


Adds the currently selected variable of the selection window to the list.


Removes the variables which are selected in the variable list from the list.

No selection

Depending on the element:

  • the dialog is canceled
  • certain links such as batch variables in archiving can be released