Maximum calculation

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The data reduction Maximum is used for determining the maximum of a variable within an interval. Possible settings are:

Further parameters in the configuration are:

Press the button OK to open a dialog where you can enter the parameters for calculating the maximum:

Display of the event variable

Interval duration




Calculation of average over time.

Event triggered

Average is calculated when an event variable changes.


Entry of the numeric value for the corresponding time (real-time synchronous, i.e. entry 15 means 15, 30, 45, 0 etc.).

Seconds, minutes, hours, days

Selection of the time interval.


Delay for start and end of the average calculation.

Output of the result



At the end of the interval

The value is only provided at the end of the interval; until then, only the previous value is available.


The value is updated during each scan of the source variable.

Initialization at the start of the interval



With existing value

Value is based on previous value.

with new value

Value must be re-calculated.

info Info

The synchronization time is determined based on the time interval.

Example: If you configure the time interval to be 15 minutes, the calculation will be performed every 15 minutes, starting with the full hour.