Difference over time

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The function can be used e.g. for dynamically monitoring the consumption of liquids or for checking containers for leakages (based on fill level values).

The variable that was inserted into the function is monitored and its values are stored internally with the configurable measurement distance (in time units). If a specific difference is reached (number of measurements), the function will display the first result (R(n)-R(0)), which will then be updated after each measurement. The result of the function is an element of the set of real numbers.

Press the button OK to open a dialog where you can enter the parameters for calculating differences:

Display of the event variable

Time unit

Dropdown list for selecting the time unit (seconds, minutes, hours, days)

Calculation interval



Time units

Number of units

Difference interval




Number of measurements

info Info

The calculation of the difference over time is not absolute but relative, starting with the Runtime start.