Driver-specific functions

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This driver supports the following functions:

Interface logging

The driver MELSECA.EXE offers the possibility to write data sent or received via a serial interface to a protocol file (log file).

In order to activate this option a section RS232LOG has to be added to the project.ini. In this section the entry LOGCOMx=0 or 1 has to be entered. X has to be replaced by the number of the desired interface. 0 switches logging off, 1 switches logging on.

If logging is switched on, a file LOG_COMxxx.TXT is generated in the directory of the driver. X is replaced by the number of the defined interface.




Activates logging for COM1.

We recommend activating logging only for a short time, when problems occur. Active logging needs considerable computer performance. Additionally the log file needs a lot of memory within short time.


The driver supports blockwrite; it must be activated in the project.ini file with the following entry.