Driver dialog Mitsubishi FX-32MR

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Driver specifications

The PLC has to be connected to the PC with a BEIJERS cable RS232/RS422 to enable correct communication. The baudrate has to be set to 9600, the format is 7 databits, 1 stopbit and parity is even.

Variable list

The Mitsubishi FX-32MR supports several data ranges. The highest access address depends on the access type and the data range and can be found in the documentation of Mitsubishi Electronic. The following data ranges are supported: S (Step status), E (Input), A (Output), M (Marker), T (Times), C (Counter) and D (Data register); and in the data registers BIT,BYTE,STRING, WORD and DOUBLEWORD. The types E (Input), A (Output) can only be read. All others can be read and written. There is a difference for the counters; there are 16 BIT counters and 32 BIT counters (the 32 BIT counters start at an offset of 200. The "local participant address" in the Mitsubishi FX-32MR configuration corresponds to the "Net address" in the zenon variable definition.