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The monitor configuration has been implemented to make the organisation of several monitors in a control room and the connected clients possible.
In this case it can happen, that three monitors are used in the control room but only one for each client station. This should be administered correctly and easily for the user.

A further task for the monitor configuration developed in the course of time. It is also possible to define projects for different resolutions. This means, if the development resolution is 1280x1024 and the target resolution is 800x600, the control system will correctly adjust the resolution, but circles will become ellipses because of the different ration. So in the monitor configuration it is possible to define the target resolution for the Runtime.

attention Attention

If more than one project is held in the memory, the active project determines the monitor settings for all loaded projects. If the active project is a single monitor project, no target monitor can by chosen in a multi monitor project. The settings of the integration project are always true in the Runtime.