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The zenon Editor and the zenon Runtime are closed.

With this line, the Runtime remembers the project to be loaded when the Runtime is started. After we have removed this line, the Runtime no longer knows which project to load.

The Runtime now asks you with a dialogbox which project to load.

Now we tell the control system, that we want to load a network project.

The dialogbox now changes and allows us to enter the necessary parameters to configure a client.


This has to be the computer that we defined as the server in the chapter above. You either can select the server from the list opened with the button … or type it in by hand.

You either can select an existing directory from the directory structure opened with the button … or type it in by hand. If you enter the directory by hand, it can even be a directory that does not exist. It will then be created automatically.

The zenon Runtime now establishes a connection to the Runtime server and copies the Runtime files from there to the project target directory. Then the Runtime starts and maybe asks you to restart it. The entry VBF30=… in the file zenOn6.ini is set to the project target directory, so that the Runtime on the client from now on will automatically start our network project.

Repeat this procedure for every other client.