Configuring the server

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Take any existing project, perhaps the one from the basic training or let the Project Wizard create a new project.


attention Attention

The Project Wizard uses local variables.

Under Internal Variable/Calculation set the variables to Network so that our example will work correctly.


In the Editor you will find the network settings in the project properties in the section Network.

Now all the other properties of this section are available and we can go on configuring the server.


info Info

You will find a more detailed explanation of the single properties in the property help. If it is not displayed, open the context menu of the properties window and select Description.



attention Attention

The IP address is not sufficient here! It really has to be the name of the computer.


You either can select the server from the list opened with the button … or type it in by hand.

If the development station, on which you created the project, is the Runtime server at the same time, the configuration of the server now is complete. At the moment we leave the other properties unchanged.