Driver dialog OPC

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Select the OPC server and the configuration file.

OPC - Servername

Enter the OPC server to be used here. The button opens a list of available servers.

An installed OPC server can be selected.

OPC group and item config file

Name of the configuration file: *.OPC - file

Storage directory: Project directory.

Important when multiple OPC drivers were created.

Identification via variable name

If this checkbox is active, the zenon variable name will be used as the item name of the OPC server. That means: The variable name must be a valid Item name for the server. No settings are necessary in the browser. This browser tab will be shown automatically if the checkbox is activated. The current variable offset does not matter here.

Access path used with variable name

If the connection to the OPC server is realized via the variable name, the access path can be entered here. Is preset by the OPC server, and is only used by some OPC servers.

Project name as name prefix

If you check this box, the project name followed by a dot will be put in front of the variable for plaint text names to the OPC server.

e.g. project=test_project
OPC server item=test_projekt.var1

Time until a communication error is recognized

After this time has passed, a variable must have been initialized; otherwise it will be set to invalid (I-bit). If the value is 0, this check will be deactivated.

Store variable list locally

If you check this box, the variable list read from the server will be stored locally and therefore it will be available lateron without the need for another server request. If there were changes to the server, you can initiate a reload of the variable list with the Browse button.