Automatically generating PDiag messages

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After the configuration of the process diagnosis in the Simatic Manager a PDiag translation run has to be started. Then the message data can be exported to an external CSV file. This CSV file is converted for the import into the control system.

For the automatic conversion of the messages from the S7 PDiag software the conversion program PDiagConvert is available. With this tool the messages exported from the PDiag software are converted from the CSV file to a dBase file. This variable list can then be imported into the control system with all the contained properties.


The PDiagConvert program has the following user interface:

Here the following settings / actions are available:

PDiag export file

With the button … a file selection box can be opened, where the source file (CSV file / export file from PDiag) can be selected. Here the export file created by PDiag has to be selected.

zenOn driver

Here the driver used in the zenonproject must be selected. At the moment only the S7 TCP/IP driver is available here.

zenOn bus address

Here the bus address must be entered, for which the variables are then imported in the zenon project. That is the address of the driver, which communicates with the PLC in the control system.

zenOn import file

With the button "…" a file selection box can be opened, where the path and the name for the target file (DBF file / dBase file) can be defined. This file contains the variable definitions that can be imported into the control system. When defining the file name please be aware, that the dBase format only supports file names with 8 characters length.

Variable identification

Here an identification for the PDiag messages can be defined, e.g. to define equipment identifiers. This identification is used as the variable identification in the control system.


After all settings have been entered accordingly, the conversion can be started with the button Start. The button Cancel allows closing the converter program.

After the conversion a message box opens, which informs about the number of converted variables.

The dBase file created in this way can be imported into the control system now. In the zenon Editor this can be done in the section Variables with the context menu entry Import DBF file. First the driver for the variable import has to be selected and then the DBF file can be selected. Now the import is started. In the control system the message variables are assigned to a PLC according to the bus-address defined in the converter.