Mathematical functions: Sum and average

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We now want to define sums and averages for the value columns. In order to do that, we have to know, how many lines we have to leave blank for the archive entries. This is however not defined in the report but in the Report Generator. The number of entries in the list depends on the filter settings, with which we lateron will call the functions ("Print report", "Export report" or "Picture switch - REPORT").

In our example we will select a time filter of two minutes. As our archive records values every five seconds, this will make 24 entries for our report.


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You either can type in the function, as described above. Or - instead of typing in "B5" and "B25" - you can select the cells with the mouse.



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If you copy functions with cell addresses in the Report Generator, the cell addresses are automatically adapted.


The reports are saved in the directory Reports as defined in the project configuration and get the name extension *.xrs.