Example of a log entry

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Error Read - HW:0 Kennung:132 DB:10 OFF:599 Count:4 Error:wrong length

Error Read

Read error


Net address of the PLC (according to driver configuration)

Identification 132

(Internal Siemens ID)

·        129 Input

·        130 Output

·        131 Marker

·        132 Data block


Number of the data block as defined in the variable configuration


Offset as defined in variable configuration

Count 4

The block size to be read, usually in bytes. The driver optimizes this size automatically. Attention: Hint: Size must also be readable from the PLC, i.e. it must exist !! (in the case of Offset 599 and Count 4, the data block must be configured until Offset 603)

Error:wrong length

Error source - if known

Remote Error Code (e.g.: 0xA) Para1 Para2

Error codes not disclosed by Siemens !