Driver-specific functions

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This driver supports the following functions:

The driver gets online or realtime archive values from a receive table in the database and writes set values to a send table in the database. The identification of the variables is realized with a unique allocation between the zenOn internal memory number and a cleartext name in the tables. This allocation has to be projected in the driver. In zenon, the time entered in the database, i.e. realtime, will be used (e.g. CEL, AML,...).


To guarantee correct work at least one not RDA variable has to be requested, i.e. to get RDA archive data at least one online variable must be in the query. This is realized by opening a picture with according online values or by creating at least one (dummy) variable with defined limits.

If only RDA variables are created, the database is never polled.

The connection to the MySql database with "MySQL ODBC Driver 3.51" does not work; the ODBC driver of this version does not support any dynasets.

zenOn.ini entries