Creating a driver

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Right click on Driver in the Project Manage and select Driver new in the context menu.

In the following dialog the control system offers a list of all available drivers.

Select the desired driver and give it a name.

The driver name has to be unique, i.e. if one and the same driver should be used several times in one project, everytime a new name has to be given. Be aware that this name cannot be changed later.

info Info

For new projects and for projects converted to version 6.21, the following drivers are created automatically: Intern, MathDr32 and SysDrv.

Confirm the dialog with OK. In the following dialog the single configurations of the drivers are defined.

Only the respective required drivers need to be loaded for a project. Later loading of an additional driver is possible without problems.

attention Attention

For the first time a driver is used in a project, administrator rights on the PC are necessary, as the driver has to be registered in the operating system.