Driver-specific functions

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This driver supports the following functions:

Driver supports:






Real-time capable


Serial logging


Modem capable:




Spontaneous communication


Polling communication


Online browsing


Offline browsing


Archiving hints

There are some things regarding the RDA archives that need to be considered. First you should ask yourself whether you want to use cyclical or non-cyclical data (batches). If you have non-cyclical data, create RDA archives in the zenon archiving module and use batch archiving for filtering. A new archive file will be created for every read transaction. The data from the last read transaction can be displayed and evaluated with the filter option "Last closed cycle".
If you have cyclical processes, create a normal cyclical archive in zenon and use the comprehensive time filters of zenon. The archive files are created in the configured grid and values are sorted in accordingly.

Driver user commands

During Runtime, you can pass on special commands to the driver with the function (variable function) 'driver command'. With N;NetNumber;NodeNumber=0/1 (e.g. N;1;1=1) you can switch the node online / offline. Please consider the separation with semicolons.

With T;NetNumber;NodeNumber (e.g. T;1;1) you can transfer the local time of the computer to the PLC. With P=0/1 you can activate/deactivate polling. Automatic recognition of a calling station: By default, there is a cyclical check, whether there has been a call to the PC via modem by a station, for which RDA data was defined. If this is the case, all values are read out automatically and sorted into the archives. This automatic check can be disabled with a driver user command.


With this command "1", you switch of the automatic check.