Required settings

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As the zenon Runtime is started several times as a client on the terminal server, two settings have to be defined, so that the described solution works:


  1. In the zenOn6.ini the following entry has to be added on the Terminal Server. On the Runtime server no settings are needed.


    1: The Runtime can be started several times, all settings for the terminal server operation are automatically set by the Runtime.
    0: The Runtime can only be started once. Operation on the terminal server is not possible. (Default)

  2. The network service (zennetsrv.exe) has to be registered as standard COM server and not as a service. For this the program has to be started with the option -regsrv from the command line.
    Example: C:/Programs/COPA-DATA/zenOn620/zenNetSrv.exe -regsrv

    Comment:Since version 6.21, this is a default setting. This means you do not have to consider it separately.

  3. The transport service (zensyssrv.exe) must be registered and started as a Windows service, not as a standard EXE file. For this the program has to be started with the option -service from the command line.

    Example: C:/Programme/COPA-DATA/zenOn620/zenSysSrv.exe -service

    You can then start the service via the Windows service manager. The service will be started automatically during every computer restart.

    Please consider that the startup tool and also the setup program always register the transport service as a standard EXE. Therefore, you have to reregister the transport service as a Windows service after every execution of the startup tool and after every reinstallation.

  4. All users must have write access to the Runtime folder. You must give full access to the Runtime folder and all subfolders to all Windows users (Everyone) in the Windows Explorer. Read more about the definition of the Runtime folder in the chapter File structure