Driver-specific functions

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This driver supports the following functions:

Function description

The driver is used for controlling (Read and - if allowed - write) the variables created in the S7 PLCs. The variable property "Net address", which can be configured in the Editor, is interpreted as the MPI address of the target device. The rest of the address properties of a variable is accessed directly in the editor. The driver supports connections to multiple PLCs placed in the MPI bus and manages every connection separately. The driver optimizes Read/Write operations: Variables are sorted according to their MPI addresses and PLC areas and then - as continuous blocks - requested/sent.

In the case of a line interruption, an I-bit status is put out. Der Treiber verbindet sich wieder automatisch wenn die Verbindung wieder hergestellt ist.


At the moment, the driver can only be used with the Windows CE devices listed above (VIPA Touch Panel with built-in S7 chip).