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The routing of the current value of a process variable to a second process variable within a driver or across drivers is implemented with the use of allocations. In
zenon it is possible to write values from the controller directly into a SQL database or to write value changes from one driver to another driver when they occur.
You can also make cross-project allocations.

The allocation thereby only transfers the technical value of the source process variable to the target process variable, not status or time stamp. The signal resolution should therefore have the same limits (overflow behavior).

The transfer of the value occurs spontaneously, i.e. whenever the source variable changes ist value, the value of the target variable is changed as well.

Should the value of the target variable be changed independently from that of the source variable, then the target variable has a different value as long as the value of the source variable does not change.


You can also make cross-project allocations.
Attention: Cross-project allocations are executed only after all projects have been loaded.