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Configurable filter criteria:

Variable name

process variable name (a wildcard * is possible)


long text resp. identification (a wildcard * is possible)

Case sensitive

note use of upper/lower case of text filter

Filter dialog

open a filter dialog before starting online operation dependent on filter types; Scheduler for fast time selection (Default with other types only)

Entries from memory

all entries in memory are displayed

Entries from file

all entries which are found are displayed ?(storage and archive for alarms and CEL)

Max. number

number of entries in list on screen only when following option is not set: Entries from memory

Display in relative times (relative to selected entry)

All entries are displayed in the time distance to the selected entry. The displayed time is the difference time passed since the selected entry. The selected entry automatically gets the time stamp '0'. The other events either have a positive time difference relative to the selected entry (if they occured later) or a negative on (if they occured sooner).

attention Attention

Regarding zenon and Windows CE: On CE systems the filter dialog should only be opened with the filter button, if the resolution is higher than 800*600 pixels. Otherwise the dialog can not be displayed completely.