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Printers can be assigned for the following functions:

for online Alarm- or Cel-list

Online alarm information list or Chronologic Event List (General settings under 'Alarm and CEL' in the project properties or in the files ALARM.FRM resp. BTB.FRM).

for offline Alarm- or Cel-list

Offline alarm information list or Chronologic Event List (with button 'Print' in the according picture. Format definition in the files ALARM_G.FRM resp. BTB_G.FRM)

for reports and values for output

This printer is used for reports and if function 'Print current value' is selected.

for hardcopies

Printer for screen hardcopies

for lists

Output of closed logs and texts from list windows

By pressing the button Select printer, selection can be made from the printers defined and installed in the Windows system.

If a printer is assigned for the corresponding output then the printer setup can be altered by pressing the button ....

info Info

The margins in the printer settings cannot be changed.

For different printer interfaces the same printers can be used with different parameters.